Week 5


The students of W17 was set the task of recounting some of their lessons last week. These are our stories and experiences for week 5 (and a few key moments we have forgotten to share). We hope you enjoy. 

Trips to the library!
This year we are lucky enough to go to the Clendon Public Library.

We got to walking in the morning and eventually arrived at the library. It was really fun browzing the books. 

We have started options, it is our turn first with science, our first task was to draw our own versions of a scientist. Our drawings showed us our different perceptions of a scientists. 

Everyday the ILE has fitness, we have two fitness routines. Everyone's favourite is Zumba. It is funny because most of the dances are weird and hard. We would like to thank Miss Sagote for teaching this to us. 

Lunch Time Fun
 A Lot of things are happening at lunch times. Playing with friends is just the start. Sports Pals has just started. This is when the year 6 students supervise and run games during lunch for the younger students. "It is hard work but it is so much fun." 

We have began learning new tennis skills with coach Chris (the tennis instructor). We started by focusing on hitting the ball with a backhand approach. "I loved it, I really think I played good"-Jayden. We got to play with Whakapono 18 " It was a good game, we just need to work on our teamwork... that's how we will get a perfect game next week".-Charles 

Team Whakapono Assembly 

At the team assembly our two awards were given

to Mischa and Rajiv. We were so proud of them.

Whakapono 23 and 24 got the tidy kiwis award for being the tidiest classrooms this week. We are working towards this for the next assembly. I'm sure we will win it in no time.

Inquiry Learning

We are deep into our learning about My Life as a Hashtag #, this is where we look at our identity. We have started looking at places that are important to us.  We are also looking at the Commonwealth Games we were given the country Zambia to explore. 

Pigs and Chickens 
This week we have been given the Pigs and Chickens duty, we have had so much fun finding and collecting the eggs. 

Bake Sale
We are so thankful to the people who helped with the Whakapono bake sale, we had a great turn out. We will be off to camp in no time. 

Quote of the day
This week we have started quote of the day. Each day we get a quote and a question.  The first quote was "we are all going through a battle that no one else can see" we then wrote down some of our battles. Those who wanted to share their were supported by the rest of the class. It was a great team building activity where we all learned something about each other. 

Thank You for reading what we have been up to in our class this week. See you all in our next blog. 

Whakapono 17. 


  1. That's awesome Whakapono 17! Sounds like you guys had an amazing week. Keep up with the good work :)

  2. What an amazing blog Whakapono 17. It looks like everyone is having so much fun! Especially visiting the local library and seeing what the variety of resources, including the learning services available to students besides just reading books. Love the zumba exercise ILE keep pumping it up!

    from Jasmine and mum

  3. Thanks #Whakapono17 for sharing how busy your week was at @RowandaleSchool and all the awesome learning you are doing ... thank you for looking after our Pigs and Chickens too!

  4. Awesome work whakapono17. Good to see you guys have fun while learning

  5. Awesome learning whakapono 17 sounds like so much fun especially at the library can't wait to see more

  6. keep up the hard work guys and make sure you stay in school and great job

  7. You guys did an amazing job Whakapono 17. Looked like you guys had lots of fun! I can not wait until the next blog you post (:

  8. Look at rrrrrooommm 17 this is form rajiv

  9. Go Room 17! Awesome blog and am so proud to have my son Jaydas be a part of this group. Keep up the awesome work. 😊


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