Wow Term Two Already!

This term we have started learning about Solo taxonomy, this helps us think or reflect on our learning. There is five stages. In the photo we were identifying what we knew about states of matter which happens to be our inquiry topic for this term. As a class we knew very little about this so we are starting out as being pre-structural.

Teacher Aide Appreciation day! The teacher aides are very important  and special to us as they help is greatly with our learning. Mina is in W17 all morning. We are thankful to have her. We had an assembly to thank Mina and all the other teacher aides that do amazing work for our school.

Maori lessons are in full swing we have been learning how to say 'what is the weather like today' we are trying our best to get the pronunciation correct (even the teachers). We have also been learning Nau Mai Hare Mai a maori song we need to learn for our up and coming trip.

We have been so lucky in the last couple of weeks, shows galore and we love it. New Zealand Opera Society came to sing to us. It was amazing! W17 students enjoyed learning about opera and listening to their incredible voices.

Hiwi the Kiwi and the team came in to talk to us about safety around the water we had 3 main ideas or lessons we had to share that were embedded in the show. Jasmine even answered a question and received a sticker as an reward!

Park and Walk - what an amazing turn out. Great to so many students from W17 show their support for the environment and school. We were very lucky to get a hot chocolate and marshmallows. We are even luckier to have some of W17 girls as the leaders and prize givers of this event.

We would like to congratulate Felicity for showing her caring nature to our entire class, she revived the Empathy certificate in last weeks assembly.


  1. Well done Whakapono 17! It looks like you guys had a bunch of fun. I will love to see another amazing blog post from you awesome students!KEEP IT UP!!!!!!!!

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  3. Wow whakapono 17 it looks like you had alot of fun! Looking forward to see what your other blog post is about.

  4. keep up the good work!! Very proud of you all

  5. Well done #Whakapono17 for your blog about what you have been up to at @RowandaleSchool ... looking forward to hearing more about your #SoloTaxonomy and more of your Term 2 learning

  6. Awesome blog! You have all been busy with a lot of different things. And the main thing I admire is the children being taught the meaning of appreciation and using the teachers aide day as an example. 😊


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