Tongan Language Week Celebration

Today marked the end of Tongan language week, we had an awesome time learning about the Tongan culture. 

We are extremely proud of Jasmine, she danced gracefully and showed the pride she has for her culture . 


We also spend the day researching all the wonderful things about Tonga and have made some awesome guides all about the islands. I hope we all get the chance to use them one day :) 


  1. Ofa lahi atu #Whakapono17 for sharing your amazing blog on Tongan Language Week - Uike Katoanga'i 'o e lea Faka-Tonga at @RowandaleSchool ... thank you for engaging in the week ... great photos! Malo Aupito #TonganKiekie #TonganConversation #TonganFacts


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